About National Express West Midlands

West Midlands Travel Limited (trading as National Express West Midlands) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Express Group plc.

  • West Midlands Travel Limited
  • 51 Bordesley Green
  • Birmingham
  • B9 4BZ
  • Registered No: 2652253
  • National Express Group PLC
  • National Express House
  • Birmingham Coach Station
  • Mill Lane
  • Digbeth
  • Birmingham
  • B5 6DD
  • Registered No: 2590560

National Express operate bus services within three areas namely the West Midlands, Coventry and Dundee. National Express West Midlands is the largest bus operator in the respective area and one of the largest in the UK carrying over 1 million passengers every day. As well as bus services, National Express West Midlands also operates The Metro link between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

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