Midland Metro fares changes 2018

From 2nd January 2018 we will be changing our fares. 

We're freezing the City Hop at £1. These allow travel between Jewellery Quarter & Grand Central, Birmingham or Priestfield & Wolverhampton St Georges.

Group travel is also frozen at £10, and £7 after 6pm. These allow five people (or a family of two adults and up to four children) to travel on tram together all day.

Every cash fare will still be cheaper when paying by Swift Pay As You Go smartcard. 

A full summary of the changes can be found below:​

Current PriceNEW PRICESwift Pay As You Go Price
Adult Single (Stage 1)£2.60£2.70£2.60
Adult Single (Stage 2)£3.20£3.30£3.20
Adult Single (Stage 3)£4.10£4.20£4.10
Birmingham City Hop£1STILL £190p
Wolverhampton City Hop£1STILL £190p
Adult Day Return (Stage 1)£3.20£3.40£3.30
Adult Day Return (Stage 2)£5.30£5.50£5.40
Adult Day Return (Stage 3) also valid all day as a Metro + bus day ticket£6.50£6.70£6.60
Adult Off-Peak day ticket (Stage 1)£3£3.20£3.10
Adult Off-Peak day ticket (Stage 2)£4.50£4.70£4.60
Adult Off-Peak day ticket (Stage 3) also valid all day as a Metro + bus day ticket£5£5.20£5.10
Child Single (Stage 1)£1.30£1.35£1.30
Child Single (Stage 2)£1.60£1.65£1.60
Child Single (Stage 3)£2.05£2.10£2.05
Child Day Return (Stage 1)£1.60£1.70£1.60
Child Day Return (Stage 2)£2.65£2.75£2.65
Child Day Return (Stage 3)£3.25£3.35£3.25
Child Off-Peak Day Return (Stage 1)£1.50£1.60£1.50
Child Off-Peak Day Return (Stage 2)£2.25£2.35£2.25
Child Off-Peak Day Return (Stage 3)£2.50£2.60£2.50
Adult Travelcards
1 week£20£21-
Monthly Direct Debit£64£67-
4 week£71£74-
52 week£765£800-
Child Travelcards
1 week£10£10.50-
4 week£35.50£37-
Metro + Bus Day Tickets
Adult Day Ticket£6.50£6.70£6.60
Adult Off-Peak Day Ticket£5£5.20£5.10
Child Day Ticket£4.40£4.50£4.40
Child Off-Peak Day Ticket£3.50£3.60£3.50
Group Tickets
Group Day Ticket£10STILL £10£9.90
Group after 6pm£7STILL £7£6.90

Published 15th December 2017