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Don't forget to take a look at our inspiration pages below for some bus-y related things to do onboard or at home.

6 indoor activities for kids of all ages

We all know the big instruction, stay at home! But that can be a little easier said than done when you’re working from home, sorting out dinner and trying to keep the kids entertained all at once.

We’ve made some handy worksheets to keep their brains ticking over and have a little fun with. You can download them at our new Activity Stop page on our website.

Or let us help you out with a few other indoor activity ideas to keep the youngsters happy so you can get on with everything else. (We even included a few bus inspired ones too!)

1 - Learn a new skill

This is a perfect opportunity for you and the kids to learn a few new things. Whether it’s teaching them to cook for the first time, studying some wildlife (any excuse to watch Planet Earth again really), or try your hand at the thousands of how-to videos on YouTube.

2 - Tire them out

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden to play in, the weather is getting lighter for longer as we enter spring. You can start your own garden aerobics sessions, get an old football out of the back of the shed and have a kick-about and then soak up the benefits of post-exercise nap time!

3 - Get artistic

Arts and crafts are always fun for kids of any age. It’s a chance to get colourful, share wild ideas and get a bit messy too! We’d love to see your child’s best drawing, painting or even models of one of our buses!

Who knows, if you tag us, they might even end up on our social media, @nxwestmidlands.

4 - Learn to drive… Sort of

If you’re looking to keep the teenager in your life entertained, it might be hard work. Odds are they’re thinking about driving now, so why not teach them the in’s and out’s? 

You could use a chair as the driver’s seat, a plate as the steering wheel and even wrapping paper tube as the gear stick! They could even pretend to be taking you to the shops for the essentials on one of our buses.

5 - Take them to work

If you’re not a key worker (love to all of our key workers), chances are you’re working from home right now. So why not use this as a time to teach your child about the world of work?

They can learn about what you do every day, how to do basic tasks and even what your commute is like. (We really hope it’s a bus journey!)

6 - Start your own #TDFR

We all know that top deck, front row (#TDFR) is officially the best seat on the bus. One of the reasons we love it is that you get to see so much on your travels. So while you’re enjoying some time at home, why not discuss what you can see from the windows around you with the little ones? It’s a great chance to make up some stories about the outside world with them.

We know that this can be a challenging time for some, so we do hope that we have inspired some fun things to do at home. Don't worry, we will be back to exploring the West Midlands soon!

Enjoy the West Midlands virtually

We've taken a look to find some local activities that you can enjoy within your own home including virtual tours, animal feeding sessions, and online crafts!


Birmingham Wildlife Conservation park live feeding sessions
Watch LIVE feeding times at the conservation park.

Birmingham City virtual canal walk
Rainy day? Talk a virtual walk around Birmingham's Iconic canals. 

Aston Villa stadium virtual tour
Football is virtually coming home!

West Midlands at home - Visit Birmingham
Even more activities and virtual sessions you can enjoy at home!

Explore Birmingham Museums online
Take a museum tour, right at home!


Black Country

Sandwell Libraries live interactive stories
Watch your favorite books read out live, including fun interactions!

New Art Gallery Walsall children's online workshops and virtual tour
Visit the Art Gallery without leaving the house, and finish the visit with fun activities. 

Dudley Zoo live animal webcams
Check-in on the Bengal Tiger and Humboldt Penguins!

Dudley Canal Trust - Digital learning, chit chat and tunnel tots
A host of activities all provided by Dudley Canal Trust

Black Country Museum free online learning resources
Multiple resources to use whilst learning from home.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery free online resources
Resources to use when learning from home.

City of Wolverhampton - Virtual Squad 
A whole webpage dedicated to virtual activities around and beyond Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Wanderers Colouring pack
Colouring in activities for Wolves supporters.



Coventry history and heritage activities
Local activities include educational Coventry history.

Coventry Rocks - Online activities in Coventry
A whole webpage dedicated to virtual activities around and beyond Coventry

Herbert Art Gallery Crafts
Easy crafts to make with stuff found at home!

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