National Express West Midlands celebrates first national Clean Air Day

National Express West Midlands is pledging support for the first national Clean Air Day. The bus operator is calling on the people of the West Midlands to give their car a holiday on Thursday 15 June. And to make it even easier to leave the car at home, they’re offering five days’ travel at a big discount.

National Express West Midlands is launching a special Clean Air Day Regional eDaysaver, preloaded with 5 days’ travel for £15.00, down from the normal price of £19. Anyone can get these from the website using the code CLEANAIR

Managing Director of National Express West Midlands, Paul Thomas, says:

“Air pollution is a real problem here in the West Midlands. It's affecting people's health - especially children. Buses are the answer to air pollution. We know that once people try the bus, they like it, so Clean Air Day is a great opportunity to get on board.”

National Express West Midlands has halved bus exhaust emissions in the last five years and will halve them again in the next couple of years.

The bus company has done this by investing millions of pounds on new buses which are the cleanest, greenest buses on the market. 

They have also been fitting hundreds of their oldest buses with new exhaust systems that make the air coming out of the tailpipe cleaner than the air that went in.

National Express West Midlands will be present on Thursday at days of action at the University of Birmingham and Birmingham’s Cathedral Square. The bus operator also took part in Birmingham City Council’s video to mark National Clean Air Day.

The West Midlands is a hotspot for pollution. Birmingham, Coventry, Walsall and Wolverhampton are all on the government’s list of places with above-legal limits of NO2 gas. Birmingham City Council figures show that nearly 900 people in the city die early from man-made air pollution.

Published 15th June 2017