126 Route Change in Birmingham from Sunday 15th October

Due to the closure of the right turn from Broad Street to Suffolk Street Queensway to enable tram extension works, the 126 will be unable to serve the markets area of the city. From Sunday 15th October, buses will divert to terminate at Colmore Row. 

Towards Birmingham, buses will change to operate along Broad Street, Bridge Street, Holliday Street, Suffolk Street Queensway, Paradise Circus Queensway, Great Charles Street Queensway, Snow Hill Queensway, Colmore Circus Queensway and Colmore Row. Buses will terminate at the first stop on Colmore Row (stop SH1).

From Birmingham, buses will operate from Colmore Row (stop SH1) via Newhall Street, Edmund Street, Margaret Street, Great Charles Street Queensway, Paradise Circus Queensway, Broad Street and then as now to Wolverhampton. 

Existing stops in Birmingham city centre between Broad Street and Upper Dean Street for the markets will no longer be served. 

Customer wishing to travel to the markets area of Birmingham may connect on Broad Street to services 22, 23, 24 or 29 to Smallbrook Queensway (at the end of the Bull Ring tunnel, outside the entrance to New Street Station) and use the spiral staircase to access Edgbaston Street. Customers can alternatively change to service 16 at Snow Hill Queensway to access the markets area directly.

We are very sorry for the disruption this change will cause to our customers. We know that the markets are of Birmingham is a popular destination for many and we have considered a number of options to allow access to the markets to be maintained. 

The closure of the right turn at the end of Broad Street has been enforced and buses will be unable to access the Holloway Head area and markets from Broad Street as a result. 

We considered diverting buses along Bath Row to allow them to reach Holloway Head but current roadworks along Holloway Head are causing significant delays to traffic travelling that way and would cause unacceptable disruption to the 126.

Click here for the new 126 timetable from Sunday 15th October. 

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